• Thinking three steps ahead

    Kolu Trans International Logistics is your partner when it comes to distributing your confection and textile cargo. We fly, ship and drive your goods to every part of the world with cleaver and extensive planning. We aim at reducing costs and focus on time management, meaning your cargo will get to it’s final destination in the shortest amount of time for the lowest price possible. That’s what we like to call thinking three steps ahead.


Kolu Trans International Fashion Logistics handles the movement of all textiles and confection cargo and supports wide-ranging logistics needs for customers all around the world. Our aim is to handle your confection goods with full satisfaction.

The way we achieve this is by:
  • Motivated and sharp calculating staff
  • Economic route management – finding the fastest way for your confection cargo to travel
  • Track and trace of your cargo

Our services assists you with:
  • Cargo movements by air, road and ocean
  • Distribution for the Benelux, Turkey and the rest of the world
  • Dedicated logistics, value added services and public warehousing